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Mixed-Use Development

Managing a mix of retail outlets, entertainment, shopping malls, residential, commercial, facilities and public areas is far from simple. This is why Incident Desk offers a consolidated and integrated solution that enables seamless operations across all mixed-use categories. It’s a consolidated approach that helps managers provide ongoing and responsive management of public safety, security, facilities, building maintenance, general incidents and integration into various public services.


  • Accurately manages incident logging, tracking and routing.
  • Provides managers with a real-time, easy to use dashboard interface.
  • Promotes improved vendor management.
  • Includes powerful analysis, intelligence and statistics that result in improved cost control and end client satisfaction.
  • Manages multiple public interfaces, including SMS, email, heat maps, geo-location tracking and mobile devices.
  • The mobile app makes Incident Desk available to everyone, everywhere.
  • Unlimited cap on the number of system users at any time (service suppliers, members of your community, etc.).